How We Work


Consultation and Goal Setting

We begin by scheduling a consultation to understand your unique needs, goals, and target audience. Our team of experts will carefully assess your business, industry, and objectives to develop a tailored strategy that aligns with your vision. By understanding your goals, we can optimize our services for maximum impact.


Strategic Planning and Research

Using our industry expertise and extensive network, we conduct in-depth research to identify the most relevant podcast opportunities and speaking engagements for your specific niche. Our strategic planning ensures that every opportunity we pursue aligns with your expertise and target audience, driving tangible results.


Podcast and Event Matching

Once our research is complete, we tap into our vast network of podcast hosts and event organizers to connect you with the right opportunities. Our goal is to secure podcast interviews and speaking engagements that put you in front of the right audience for your offers. We handle the matchmaking process, saving you time and effort.


Booking and Execution

Once the groundwork is complete, we handle the booking process, coordinating with podcast hosts to secure your appearances. We ensure seamless communication, timely scheduling, and all necessary logistics. With our support, you can focus on promoting your products and services confidently, knowing that the details are taken care of.



Our commitment to transparency ensures that you have full visibility into the success of our partnership. We provide a detailed media tracking sheet, allowing you to stay in the loop of the opportunities we are securing for you.


Coaching and Preparation

If you opt for our public speaking coaching services, we will work closely with you to refine your presentation skills, enhance your stage presence, and craft compelling narratives. Our experienced coaches provide personalized guidance to ensure you deliver impactful speeches that resonate with your audience and close sales effortlessly. We help you gain the confidence and skills needed to shine on any podcast and stage.


Speaker One-Sheet and Page Creation

If you opt for these services, our design team will collaborate with you to create a visually appealing speaker one-sheet that highlights your unique strengths and captures the attention of event organizers and podcast hosts. We optimize the content for maximum impact, ensuring that your expertise and speaking topics shine through. Additionally, we create a captivating speaker page that showcases your achievements, and past speaking engagements, and further enhances your online presence.


Professionally Designed Website

After putting in all that hard work, it's crucial to showcase your services and work properly on your website. Your website is like the heart of your marketing strategy, powering all your online activities. It's a big deal because it can either bring in loads of revenue or lead to losses. But don't worry, we've got you covered! We take immense pride in creating websites that are finely-tuned to boost conversions and drive your business to success.

Take the first step towards expanding your reach and accelerating your business growth.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss how our services can help you and your business.
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